During 2017, Physicians for Human Rights verified 38 individual attacks on medical facilities in Syria, including 31 on health facilities in areas under opposition control. Out of these 38 attacks, 34 were perpetrated by Syrian government forces and/or their Russian allies; one by Jaish al-Islam, an opposition coalition based primarily in eastern Ghouta; and three by unidentified actors. PHR also received reports of attacks on medical infrastructure perpetrated by ISIS and international coalition forces but was unable to confirm the reports due to the difficulty of gathering information from ISIS-controlled areas.

According to data collected by the Syrian American Medical Society in 2017, 41 health facilities in Syria were forced to close permanently or temporarily due to damage sustained in attacks.

PHR also documented the deaths of 51 civilian health professionals, including those not killed in facility attacks, throughout 2017: 31 were killed by airstrikes, ten by artillery shelling, three by detention and torture, three by explosions, two by sniper fire, one by chemical attack, and one by kidnapping and execution.