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Advance Programming Bookmark
OpenGL Reference( Collected in 2001/12/14 )

OpenGL Tutorial

Review this tutorial to understand how it works, read a JOOM. Many professionals have learned our books.

OpenGL Tutorial From The University of Tulane

Nate Robins - OpenGL - Tutors *

Dev-gallery(Gallery of wonderful OpenGL sample projects)

GLUT 3 Tutorial

OpenGL Programming Guide or 'The Red Book'

OpenGL in VB and C++

OpenGL Commercial Games

OpenGl eBooks for download (SUPPER BIBLE and Red book)

OpenGl eBooks PDF format

OpenGL Powerful site (sample and Cool Links)

Web Directory for OpenGL and other subjects in GameProgrammings

OpenGl And Visual basic:

Programming OpenGL with Visual Basic

An ActiveX control for Visual Basic

DirectX and OpenGL Samples

Programming Tutorials

  • The Developer's Gallery Tutorials - tutorials on Open Inventer, collision detection, picking, texturing, GLUT and more)
  • Nate's OpenGL Tutor Apps
  • Java Personal OpenGL Tutor, for Windows and UNIX (JPOT)
  • Teach yourself OpenGL - online tutor
  • OpenGL Challenge Handy Coding Routines
  • Basic OpenGL Tutorial
  • glGameDeveloper Tutorials - Visual C++6 tutorials on window creation, 3D drawing, texturing & texture mgt.
  • OpenGL & Visual C++ 4.x Tutorial - Good Starting Point for OpenGL Coding
  • OpenGL Rendering & Drawing - Focus on Linux developers
  • Preparing to Build an OpenGL Application - Focus on Linux developers
  • OpenGL Win32 Tutorial
  • OpenGL beginners tutorial using Borland C++
  • OpenGL tutor programs demonstrate OpenGL rendering options
  • Nate Robins OpenGL Chronicles
  • The making of an OpenGL modeling and animation tool
  • OpenGL Overviews in LinuxFocus Magazine January 98, March 98, May 98
  • OpenGL Tutorials from EDM/2 Magazine (intended for OS/2 but portable to other platforms)
  • Fun with OpenGL (Uses C and the Win32 API)
  • Personal OpenGL Tutor (P.O.T.) for Unix
  • OpenGL: from the EXTensions to the Solutions
  • Brian Paul's OpenGL Portability Notes
  • Brian Paul's Using OpenGL Extensions
  • Brian Paul's OpenGL Performance Optimizations
  • Dr. Jim Chen's slides on Advanced Techniques in OpenGL: blending, antialiasing, fog, bitmaps, fonts, images, texture mapping, and the framebuffer

OpenGL Program samples and Source Codes:

  • o p e n g l - s a m p l e s
  • Simple OpenGL Demos, used GLUT
  • Redbook -Examples from the "OpenGL Programming Guide".
  • OpenGL Simple Samples - Collection of simple programs helpful for testing an OpenGL implementation. Many have keyboard options (see source for details)
  • More sophisticated OpenGL Samples - More samples collected from a variety of places.
  • OpenGL Win32 Sample code - Windows 95/NT specific programs intended to be a tutorial for those getting started with OpenGL and Win32.
  • Nehe OpenGL Tutorials (excellent tutorials for multiple platforms)
  • GLUT (Graphics Library Utility Toolkit Samples- Samples that are included with the GLUT distribution.
  • Nate Miller's OpenGL Tutorials & Code (great code examples)
  • Nate Miller's OpenGL Texturing tutorials (into & advanced)
  • Nate Robins' OpenGL Chronicles
  • Michael Gold's OpenGL Page
  • Win 32 Tutorial
  • OpenGL Challenge Handy Coding Routines
  • OpenGL Components for Delphi & C++ Builder
  • Fun with OpenGL (Uses C and the Win32 API)
  • Using OpenGL as a rasterization-only interface
  • Tips for using OpenGL on the MacOS
  • Beginner OpenGL Code Samples
  • matumot's OpenGL Paradise
  • Fatal FX OpenGL (GLUT) sources
  • Sample Programs for Mark Kilgard's Articles in the X Journal    Magazine, Showing the Use of OpenGL With Both Xlib and Motif Widgets
  • Brian Paul's Mesa 3D, OpenGL-like API
  • Getting Started with OpenGL
  • druid's GL Journal
  • MFC Programmers' Sourcebook OpenGL code samples
  • Applications & Source Code companion for Game Developer Magazine Articles

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