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Dev Guru

The Premier Online Technical Information Source for IT Development Professionals .
The Guru has added a new tutorial by contributing author Jayesh Jain that explains how to use a web service within your VB.NET applications....

ASP toolbox

Find anything you want in this site : applications, Activex,  Books, components,  tutorials  …

ASP bahamas

Visual Basic Scripts for use within Microsoft's Active Server Pages. Free scripts. Top scripts (search engine, tracker etc.)

ASP Alliance

Find Advice, ASP+, data access, jobs, sample code, tools and tutorials .
this site has elso article, book.the place for  code,aspscript,phpscript,application & article.

ASP hole

With a great component listing section this site also has articles, code library and books.

ASP today

Want to know about ASP components, ADO, RDS, ADSI, CDO, Security, Site Design and Site Server and more?

ASP code net

The place for free ASP code, ,ASP scripts,php script and ASP applications 

ASP free

Free Demo's, Free Forums, Free Downloads and Free Code Help

Learn ASP

Great lessons for both beginners and experts .(  free classic ASP  lessons & free lessons)


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