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Small developers web site based around their next game: DDCK (Myth of creation). Which is a promising Real-Time strategy, go along and offer your support.

Corner of the Developer of Games

Lots of material on general game development and
DirectX. This site has some excellent Direct3D tutorials.

Unlimited Realities Tutorials

Very good site with lots of features on various parts of game programming. They say "Unlimited Realities was formed in 1996 as a software and web design company Since that time the business has expanded and developed areas of expertise in online..."

VB Area 51

Simple site and useful to start. There is some great tutorials for the more advanced programmers, FAQ and a good tutorial for OpenGL.


A great contact point between you and other developers. Has a great message board and lots of up-to-date news. It also has features by well-known game programmers and information on upcoming technologies.

Aeon3D Engine

They say: This is a 3D Engine for C++. OK, this is just another 3D engine, but I had problems finding a 3D engine, that was C++, free for me to use and with complete source. The other idea is that I can learn a lot about 3D programming when I write my own engine

German DirectX programming

More information on DirectX programming - in German though.


A 3D-adventure game company. Makes games using DirectX and Visual Basic.

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