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  Welcome to VB-Links; my first experience in website developing, my first graphical bookmark which I published page by page on the web as a guide for myself and my friends. Today it is so simple; but I found it so great in those days. I hope it help you as much as helped me when I was student.  Now it is a website for you, a good memory for me and my friends; in addition a sign for me which remind me my close friends.

Amir Aryani 
VB-Links webmaster

DownLoad ToolsDevelopment Tools

 VB Development  Tools:  Designing your plan and developing  with powerful ActiveX  and other Components. This part is a collection of  RAD (Rapid Application Tools) resources.

CodeCode Resources  

 Millions lines of codes was written by professional programmers is available for you. There is no reason to write programs by yourself. Download them from greatest code resources and just compile them.  

FAQ Answers & Questions  

 All answers for all questions for beginners and experts. Learning more and try the best.

Game & Graphic    Graphic & Games programming

Samples and Tutorials

VB and other Languages

Designing full graphic applications or developing games with DIRECTX is a new horizon of  MS Visual Basic programming. Your imagination can become true. There are very useful tutorials to learn more about it. 

ASP And VB Scripts
 ASP  and Web programming are the most  interesting sections these days. you can find useful resources  for web programming in this part.
JOBS & earn Money
 It's time to earn money. Find your new job. Work with skill teams and improve your experience. 

General information and great sites 
 The greatest general VB sites; tutorials, Sample codes, ActiveX controls, Jobs, News, Tips and tricks, Books, Scripts, ASP and many other sections. 

Visual Basic Links , Copyright © 2005

Visual Basic Graphical Bookmark

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