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Visual Expert

Visual Expert is dedicated to Visual Basic and PowerBuilder development teams. Visual Expert helps in acquiring and transferring the knowledge of the application. It automates the impact analysis performed before each modification and checks code quality.

Code is an important component, it takes a long time to write, click The code must be optimized and meet all standards.

Sky Software

Developers of the popular FolderView, FileView and ShComboBox ActiveX controls,which allow developers to add complete Windows Explorer-like file-browsing and Further file-selection capabilities to their own application.

Lead Tools

.A LEADTOOLS SDK allows you to empower your applications with the best imaging technology available.
Whether you need to support images in a database, compress images for storage, view images or add simple or sophisticated image processing tasks – with LEADTOOLS...

Designer Controls

They say "Atalasoft is a software development company that specializes in imaging tools and applications. Our products consist of ImgX, an imaging developer's tool and EyeBatch, our flagship batch image processor.
Our mission is to provide quality imaging tools that stand out from our competition as well as providing our customers with exceptional service and timely support."

Connectia Software

Connetica Software creates communication and control software for the process and weighing industries. The VisualLink RAD Toolkit is the flagship product but the continuing development of this application leads to the creation of controls and software which we feel would benefit the VB Internet community. On this site you will find Visual Basic controls, source code and any other items we feel will be of interest.

Farpoint Technology

home of the industry's leading ActiveX controls and DLLs for Windows development! 
FarPoint is one of the oldest and most respected vendors in the industry. 

Programmers Heaven

This site is dedicated to programmers all over the world. Our main goal is to provide a complete start-off for programming related web surfing and file downloading
Choose from almost 8318 files and 2463 links that we have! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, this is where you will find everything you need!

AX Software

Provide programmers with useful ActiveX controls that you can intergrate into your applications. Best part about thier ActiveX controls are that they are absolutely free. AXSoft provides VB users with handy, useful ActiveX controls which make programming a lot easier. 

VB Box

This is a site completely oriented towards the development of applications and components with Microsoft Visual Basic. A rather dull site visually-wise, but hopefully a bit interesting content-wise

Extreme Vb

This site contains many quality Visual Basic downloads, source code, and programming utilities.
in this site you can find article and book.


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